Housing Infrastructure Fund

With the Government having released the first wave of funding totaling £866 million of its £5 billion budget from the Housing Infrastructure Fund, this will finance vital infrastructure such as new roads, schools and bridges, all essential ahead of building the framework with which to kick-start housing development projects nationwide.

Stately Group PLC is investing £15 Million into residential, commercial and public sector land nationwide. Acquiring distressed properties, Greenbelt and Brownfield land with planning permission and off-market sites, Stately Group PLC is creating an excellent investment opportunity that will deliver sustainable sites.

Up to 200,000 new homes are due to get off the ground as the government released £866 million investment.

This creates communities that will enable us to contribute towards the Government’s commitment to delivering 1 million homes by 2020 and a further 500,000 homes by 2022.

Without this financial support these projects would struggle to go ahead or take years for work to begin, delaying new homes. Together with the government’s Industrial Strategy, it will provide high-quality infrastructure to support economic growth.

The Government’s incentivized Housing Infrastructure Fund is considered as one of the most assured, lucrative and exciting investment opportunities in the UK.