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What is the investment opportunity?

The opportunity is to purchase a secure bond from Stately Group against a fixed return of 9.5 % per year against your investment, which will be paid on a yearly & biannual or a compounded basis.

How long is the investment for?

There are four investment options. There is the fixed term option of either 1-year or 18 months. Then there is the 2-year or 3-year option with a compounded interest.

How do I make payments?

We only accept payment by Bank Transfer or Cheque. Before any payments are accepted, we will need to satisfy our Anti Money Laundering compliance as part of our “Know Your Customer” process. All subscription funds for this investment are received by our FCA Regulated custodians.

What is my liability in this investment?

Your liability is limited to the amount of money invested in the secured bond.

When will I receive my ownership documents?

Ownership documents are usually posted to the investor within 14 workings days of completion.

What if I have any questions?

Please contact us directly using the contact details on the back cover.

Can I buy the secured bond under a family member’s name?

Yes, you can buy the secure bond under a family member’s name on the proviso that you and the family member satisfy our internal Anti Money Laundering Compliance.

Can I change my mind after I have made the purchase?

As per Distance Selling Regulations, you have 14 days to cancel your purchase and apply for a refund after you have made a payment.

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