About Us

About Us

Stately Group PLC is a nationwide real estate development and investment firm, with the primary focus towards delivering sustainable sites, which anticipate responses to the current market demands. This enables us to constantly adapt to the changing business environment in order to identify, understand and tackle new opportunities within key development areas throughout the United Kingdom.

Through decades of experience within our management team and our genuine passion for property, this has fostered good business relationships and collaborations within the property community, enabling us to source, negotiate and deliver efficiently sustainable sites that support community needs.

As a PLC, our aim is to create value for clients. Our business ethos captures our commitment, not only regarding professional and responsible conduct but also in nurturing investment success.

According to Savills Market Survey, UK land has increased by a substantial 149% over the past 10 years and is currently worth £185.7Billion (July 2017)

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